The acrobatic rock-'n'-roll shows of Jumping Spectacles are a combination of dance, acrobatics, petticoats and flashy outfits: the swinging highlight of your event!

Jumping Spectacles is an Acrobatic Rock and Roll club in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The club was founded in 1988 by and primarily for students. The sport Acrobatic Rock and Roll combines acrobatics with dancing and was developed when the good old “throwing girls in the air”  was added to the basis of jive/boogie woogie dancing. Nowadays we also dance to modern, but rock and roll related, music.

At the moment the sport is practiced in recreational fashion and in (international) competition, in which spectacular acrobatics are combined with original dancing figures. This can be done by single dancing couples or formation teams; a formation team is 3 or more couples performing together.

Jumping Spectacles is frequently asked to perform shows for special occasions or festivities, usually with a Rock and Roll or Fifties theme. This show consists of a spectacular and amusing mix of dance, show elements, choreography and acrobatics. We also have experience in performing a bigger, more elaborate show on international festivals; like in Guadelajara, Mexico and Brno, the Czech Republic.

We perform shows of around 15-20 minutes with 3 or 4 dancing couples. This can be built up to around a half hour spectacle including 8-10 dancing couples (if available at that time). The ultimate program of a show naturally depends on the wishes of the client, but to give an impression of what a “regular” Jumping Spectacles demonstration is like, we tried to describe our show:

Fifties style opening

The show kicks off with all couples, dressed in glamorous petty coats. The dancers will perform old-fashioned swing steps and simultaneous basic throws and jumps on fifties style Rock ‘n’ Roll music.

Transforming to modern acrobatics

After that, individual couples will dance well-choreographed figures on upbeat music. Gradually the troupe will transform from fifties style to modern age flashing tricots.

Competing macho guys – “The bragging boys”

Next, in a theatre-kind performance sweet sexy girls and macho guys showing off their spinning acrobatic figures will impress the audience.  Reaching a climax in the couple with  the highest  acrobatics or the most  turns, the hottest looks and most applause.

Formation dancing

Subsequently three or more advanced couples will deliver a masterpiece of synchronized formation dancing, enclosing higher acrobatics and flashing jumps and kicks on modern lively music.

Spectacular acrobatics

Leading to the end of the show, the audience will see the highest and most spectacular acrobatics. Individual couples will perform in fast tempo a variety of complicated dance- and acrobatic figures.

Grande finale

At the end all couples join in on ‘everybody needs somebody’ until the stage is filled with dancers, finishing in a Grande Finale.

After watching the show an opportunity can be built in for the public to join in on a little acrobatic Rock and Roll dancing. The workshops are given by qualified teachers, and typically last 30 minutes but can be adapted to your wishes. In half an hour  we’ll  teach the public the basic steps of Rock and Roll dancing. Furthermore we can include a simple and safe acrobatic figure, so the participants can perform some Acrobatic Rock and Roll themselves. Longer workshops can be tailored to the need of the client. The workshops are suitable for all ages and usually are a great success.

If you need any more information on our show or on Jumping Spectacles, please use our webform below.

Optreden American Day

Opname van een optreden met acht paren op 7 juni 2015. Lokatie was het Julianapark in Utrecht.

16:04 min, 173 MB