A day like any other that ended like never before. This is how I can describe the 7th of June 2015. A day focused on bonding, fun, excitement and performing from the heart.

It was a sunny and warm day and many were gathering in the Julianapark in Utrecht, ready to witness performances dedicated to the American culture. There were cheerleaders, cotton candy, jazz, swing, quickstep, popcorn and much more. Last but not least, there was us – the “Jumping Spectacles” ready to show the dance and acrobatics we have been training for for the last few months.

We didn’t start the show and by the time we were next, we could already feel the excitement of the crowd, the cheers and shouts of everyone around. The people were expecting something unique and we had to deliver. Their desire for the show to become even more explosive was apparent.

There was a moment at the very beginning when the crowd became quiet. They weren’t sure what is going on. It was like time has stopped. However only seconds later everything went back to normal – everyone was cheering and clapping. Our individual and group performances were awesome! Everyone loved them. The acrobatics especially were the “wow” factor of our show, like it is supposed to be!

We had enough time to warm-up and prepare mentally, everyone in their own way. The result was a flawless performance! Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and I had the feeling that everything happened in a matter of seconds. Fortunately we had the opportunity to dance the whole thing again only an hour later. It was mesmerising to see so many smiling and happy faces both in the crowd and within our group. The feeling of being part of something like this is truly amazing!

We concluded the day with ice creams and static acrobatics which the people around also enjoyed! This performance was a very special one for me personally, because it was my first opportunity to bond with the group as a group. It’s not a lot, but it was awesome and I can’t wait for our next group performance!

Asen Bojashky

Nieuws van anderen

Optreden Dierenpark Amersfoort

Opname van ons optreden op 4 juni 2010, tijdens de Dreamnight at the Zoo. Dit is een avond waar chronisch zieke en gehandicapte kinderen gratis naar de dierentuin kunnen.

15:00 min, 157 MB